Take That – Back For Good (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover) on iTunes

Movie Ranking: four / 5

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23 Responses to “Take That – Back For Good (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover) on iTunes”

  1. Marian F Says:

    You’re welcome!

  2. IaMmEPatricia Says:

    Thanks! =)

  3. Marian F Says:

    look for back for good boyce avenue on ultimate guitar tabs and you’ll find whatever you need. i learnt it from there xD

  4. bracesbread01 Says:

    Chris he has quite a few on iTunes

  5. fudgerolos Says:

    Please cover Cannonball by Damien Rice!

  6. IaMmEPatricia Says:

    Chords please? =)

  7. Chris Gorton Says:

    this guy should be realesing cd’s great voice

  8. bunny man Says:

    Nice as always…

  9. Tan Leroy Says:

    This is an amazing Take That cover! Patiently waiting for Patience? 😉

  10. denver caronongan Says:

    i <3 this

  11. PixOnline5 Says:


  12. Bonbonfabrik Says:

    I really do love his shirt♥

  13. Emily Fox Says:


  14. SimonCouchMusic Says:

    Hello, my name’s Simon! I’m an independent musician, and videographer. I’ve been documenting my progress on Youtube for almost 2 years, by making covers, just like Alejandro, Daniel and Fabian’s. I hate to downright spam, but after this much time, there is little to show in terms of views. It would mean the world to me if you would give a minute or two of your time, and hopefully you’ll want to stay longer. Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you.

  15. Chantal Kühn Says:

    better than take that

  16. McTokio Says:

    Take that! I love it

  17. maria faria Says:

    i love *_______*

  18. Becca Nelson Says:

    this is so amazing!!

  19. gizem ali Says:

    i love this song and he sing it sooo good love it!

  20. akosi burita Says:


  21. Lahah5 Says:


  22. MrRiebau Says:

    A taylor acoustic. oh nice guitar;) and best voice of youtube;) keep on guy

  23. dar whest Says:

    nice cover boyce avenue!!!yeah back 4 memory in this song!!!