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Charli XCX calls Eminem “disgusting”

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

Recently, “Break The Rules” star, Charli XCX, has condemned the rapper Eminem and branded him “disgusting” after the new lyrical work saw the rapper warn Iggy Azalea with sexual assault.

The rapper has recently been causing controversy with his latest track “Vegas”, which provokes Azalea with an unnecessarily graphic lyric. Azalea already reacted to the comments from the rapper by stating that it’s boring to see old men intimidating young girls as entertainment trend. Now, Azalea also has her fancy collaborator by her side to her defense. In an interview, Charli stated that the lyric was totally Eminem and disgusting. She mentioned that the lyric is intensely shocking.

Charli XCX also said that the rapper is infamous for his provocative lyrics and the “Vegas” lyric isn’t surprising. The “Boom Clap” star praised Azalea by saying that Iggy is a classy woman and she will shrug it off. With the launch of Eminem’s new album SHADYXV, it has become apparent that the rapper’s technical prowess and lyrical abilities have grown stronger. However, he’s become worse as an artist. Many have observed this decline for years. Although Marshall Mathers LP2 was commercially successful, it received polarizing reviews. Many critics argued that the rapper had nothing left to talk about.

This allegation might be partially correct. The rapper had a habit of ridiculing pop culture and it is refreshing now. He had rapped about sexual assault at age 26 and now he is doing the same thing at 42 on his track “Vegas”. On SHADYXV, the listeners may observe a subtle sign of how Eminem has traded in his methodical and harmonic rapping approach for the ever more complex one.