Stanley is not named after Stan

Dido and her partner Rohan Gavin welcomed their child Stanley in 2011’s July, but his moniker triggered rumors that Stanly had been named after Stan, a 2000 single by Emimen. Recently, the singer spoke to a leading magazine and told that she never think of the fact that people would think that her son Stanly was named in tribute to the track. Stanley was actually their favorite name and coincidentally both her and Rohan’s favorite names. To be honest, Stanley could never have been named anything else. She did not think that anyone would make this connection.

Dido also joked tat this is really fine. She was named after a crazy queen who threw herself on a fire. Speaking about her motherhood, she told that becoming a mum has totally changed her outlook on life. She told that she really see the world through his eyes and it offers this real freshness to all the things. This is like you thought you were going to run out of things to ever write about, you have a kid, then you are never going to run out as suddenly everything is sort of limitless again and new and fresh and it is like this beautiful new beginning. Dido’s newest album called Girl Who Got Away was unveiled previous month.

Royce Da told a leading news channel that Dr. Dre has affirmed once again that Eminem is working on a brand new album. The well known Compton producer that Eminem is near the end of his his project and for him, he has just got inspired once again to return into the studio.


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