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25 Responses to “RIHANNA – WE FOUND LOVE “Music Video Parody” (GAME OF THRONES!)”

  1. TheRandomTVShow2 Says:


  2. ThisIsCharles95 Says:


  3. RaisedByPurebloods Says:

    Ah, um, like if you actually know what the Game of Thrones is?

  4. swimgirl3836 Says:

    @11yearoldawesomeness maybe you should live it up and NOT watch it dur.dur.dur.

  5. chloetsui8 Says:


  6. 11yearoldawesomeness Says:

    @swimgirl3836 Maybe you should LIV IT UP and watch the game of thrones 🙂

  7. 11yearoldawesomeness Says:

    @emilystewart978 sorry that you don’t watch good television then you would get it 🙂

  8. swimgirl3836 Says:

    @Sprites4Life1 just because 4,522 like the video doesn’t mean they know whats its about im just saying they should do a parody of stuff there viewers watch like most of the people don’t know what game of thrones is and you’d see that if you read the comments

  9. nieke91 Says:

    @Sprites4Life1 I totally agree! I love Game of Thrones and love this parody, glad there are some sane people watching this video. Don’t get why all the haters are even watching the video.

  10. tsthree00 Says:

    like if you saw the house 0:35

  11. Sprites4Life1 Says:

    @swimgirl3836 A lot of viewers here do like this (actually 4,522 +). If you don’t then don’t watch it, simple as that.

  12. Sprites4Life1 Says:

    @emilystewart978 it’s not a rip off it’s called a parody

  13. paurdellop Says:

    la rubia esta buenisima!

  14. swimgirl3836 Says:

    maybe you guys should make parodies to things your viewers will actually like.

  15. emilystewart978 Says:

    Stupidest video in the fuckin world, rip off bastards

  16. HaunseWReign Says:

    whitney looks so much like the actress she is pretending to be its incredable you are all so talented and you look amazing ….why can’t i ever meet people as cool as you guys? I’d love to do this kinda thing and have friends to do it with but all the people i know can’t express themselves in such an open way everyone is repressed … at least watching the videos give me hope…maybe one day…if I move….

  17. Actresslady556 Says:

    Omg I love Joey! They should switch him out for one video with Anthony from smosh and see if anyone would notice!!! XD

  18. LoVe2acCeLeR8 Says:

    @randomTVshowRus Yes, I’m for sure.

  19. TheTrue0me Says:

    brittany looks crazed in this video!

  20. TheTrue0me Says:

    this is better than the original song!

  21. vba3211 Says:

    these guys r awsome lol (:

  22. Musicisawsome728 Says:

    Whitney and joey look so cute together :D! I lovee these parodys :D!!!

  23. ibravalencia Says:

    subscribe + like 

  24. FunWithSanitizer Says:

    0:45 melt

  25. MATIAS20141 Says:

    This video is awesome