Rihanna – Diamonds (In The Sky) I Full Music Video

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25 Responses to “Rihanna – Diamonds (In The Sky) I Full Music Video”

  1. Hadar Diamonds Inc Says:

    Rhianna is beautiful! Wonder if she’d like HPHT diamonds?

  2. Luke Yeager Says:

    wish she would date me

  3. Behadin Saban Says:

    I ♥ this song this vevo is sooo fast ♥♥♥♥

  4. ViCiouS ViPeR Says:

    Crufts dedicated to my dogs breed ( Chinese Crested Hairless ) Fits like
    a glove he is a true Diamond 

  5. Moez Sallami Says:

    and now?

  6. supaphit jeed Says:
  7. Kofi Gagah Says:
  8. Luanda Epa Says:
  9. Michael Kanyuchi Says:
  10. kayla evens Says:

    Love her

  11. ronel siblag Says:

    like it hope you too

  12. tammaro tavoletta Says:
  13. Mahagany Maxwell Says:

    *” Shine Bright 2 Night You And I, Were Beautiful Like Diamonds In The
    Sky…. Shine Bright Like A Diamond!!!!!!! “*

  14. שרה שלמאייב Says:

    חיייייימשלייי האייייייישה הזאתתת,מאווהבת בךךך אהווובתתיי !!! :-*****

  15. spencer caroline Says:

    beautiful like diamonds in the sky. 

  16. Anon Heel Says:

    is she a Illuminati member or a puppet for the Illuminati

  17. Tara Hopkins Says:

    I love this song!

  18. OfficialIMVUMusicVid Says:

    why is everyone going illuminati? i like rihanna ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  19. perfectcircle1000 Says:

    so!!!…. i see!!….Rihanna climbed to the 33rd degree of free
    masonry!!!… towards the end of the vid there is 3 hands covering each eye
    = 33. If you have eyes to see then you shall see.

  20. Penney P Says:

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  21. baby fly Says:


  22. Chick2015 Says:

    so this is the real deal huh?

  23. Meera Surampudi Says:

    And there are other videos mixed in

  24. Joana Joa Says:

    i like itt

  25. Petra Saldivar Says:

    i love u songs rihanna i am a big fan