Lady Gaga – Paparazzi

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  1. ummecmoprmrknpapih78 Says:

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  2. jjames12421 Says:

    like it very much,song relies on slightly langourous synth textures and dense percussion to convey the swirl of emotions,as posted on her SOMAHOT.COM’ profile that accompany the interaction between celebrity and photographer. Sexual desire, dread, resigned acknowledgment, and an insistence that fun is still possible all swirl together in an effective stew of emotion. Lady GaGa’s voice floats over the top enticing the listener into the complex world of stardom.

  3. yorkheardt Says:

    @ihavekankles Are you insane? You obviously haven’t taken the time to listen to a live performance. Her voice is incredible, and comparing her to Klaus (whom btw I doubt she’s even heard of) is so far fetched. I can’t imagine why you bothered to post such an ignorant comment. Interesting that you think so highly of your opinion which in the scheme of things is unheard and unvalued.

  4. DaNgEr88GiRL Says:

    I just don’t understand we she called 911 and told them that she just kill her BF ?!!
    She should chop him into pieces and burn him for what he done to her >=)

  5. SchoolVidMaker Says:


  6. fastmoneyent2010 Says:


  7. freshiiew Says:

    Wow O_o

  8. joseitoito Says:

    LOVE THiS VIDEO!!! i can’t stop loving it!! Go GaGa! Go, free bitch!!!

    Love ya!

  9. illuvitarv5 Says:

    Who in their right mind plays songs backwards

  10. MrTKALLIN Says:

    I like when she tries to speak swedish! HAHAHA

  11. NoraYochim Says:

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  13. CarolynMcmahon Says:

    The latest webisode of Transmission Gagavision is now online! In the 5-minute video, Gaga gives an inside peek into her live on the road and teases with details about the artwork for her upcoming album Born This Way and the new single from it, titled “Judas.” visit @s0c0dot.c0m

  14. CarolynMcmahon Says:

    Lady Gaga is what the media would like to pass off as an original, entertaining, and talented figure in music, saw it at her page at @s0c0dot.c0m and what if she’s really a falsely manufactured androgynous imbecile who couldn’t karaoke herself out of a cardboard box. There’s nothing special about her. The name was company picked and it is entirely by a stroke of luck that she has become famous. It’s been proven that even her songs…

  15. LauraMacVey Says:

    I love her and she is such a pretty persone, but here, she is really ugly. Honestly, I know she’s explaining you don’t have to be gorgeous to be amazing, and I agree with thant, but she’s losing her popularity and I wouldn’t want that :/ Love you Gaga..I added at my @y0c0d0t.c0m page that If people disown or dislike her because of this one fashion and personal statement – i think she’d simply say “then I guess you just weren’t born this way.” true friends and fans alike stick together.

  16. BelieveandtrustJesus Says:

    This song is demonic and so is Lady Gaga.

  17. puppylover0915 Says:

    1 day ago when you are reading this do not not stop or else something bad is gonna happen[sorry]this girls name is summer,she is 15 yrs old,has blonde hair,has many scars,and has no ears.she is dead.if you dont copy this to more than 5 videos,she will appear one dark and quiet night when you are not expecting it beside your bed with a knife and is going to kill you.this is no joke.if u do something good will happen.

  18. waffelmannanselm Says:

    I don’t know where to go.

  19. ihavekankles Says:

    I really don’t like Lady Gaga, she tries to act all avant garde, but is anything but. Her music anything BUT avant garde, it is purely commercial. She looks avant garde, sounds anything but. Klaus Nomi is superior in every way, she copied his style and he had a brilliant voice, Hers is average at best compared to Klaus’.

  20. BooToHaters Says:

    play this backwards

  21. asktoplei Says:

    this song scares me

  22. iainthappy23 Says:

    what has radio music degraded to

  23. joshua0989 Says:

    She’s so Pretty! <3 I love her!

  24. jpserranoo1 Says:

    The best song she has! I <3 it!

  25. jpserranoo1 Says:

    The best song she has! I <3 it!