Lady Gaga – Judas

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30 Responses to “Lady Gaga – Judas”

  1. MrEleni1998 Says:

    @KillaTequilla83 well,do you believe that her fame is random?and i didn’t saw videos only in youtube,but in my nintedo too.i took her song “paparazzi” and i took it play backwards.that was not a video but satanic lyrics that i heard withmy real ears.why this is so hard for you to get it?SHE IS EVIL!!!!!!!

  2. greekawesome Says:

    answer this religious people. Does this video offend YOU or does it offend your RELIGION? if it doesn’t offend you personally which doesn’t, then why say anything offensive, it is obviously not offending the Vatican because they haven’t said anything about it. Whereas they WERE offended by Madonna’s biblical video.

  3. KillaTequilla83 Says:

    @ExtraordinaryGangsta Its not always like this…many Christians are very kind ans sensible…

  4. Atolos1 Says:

    @31lancer They get offended because they are scared of it,because they cant understand it,people fear the unknown so if its unknown its the devils work

  5. baby9tanja Says:

    lepa 🙂

  6. gaganster4life Says:

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  7. KillaTequilla83 Says:

    @Atolos1 Completely agree. People who come here from paranoid outrage machines like Fox and Vigil Citizen really are just a scared bunch of kids who’ve been shaken into some mob mentality…Religion is good, just not when fueled by fear!

  8. MrMustacheist Says:

    This sucks.

  9. 31lancer Says:

    @Atolos1 u know what quite honestly that is true and it is sad to see people get offended over something simple as the title of the music and do even take the time to listen to lyrics or see the video…idk its very sad =/

  10. KillaTequilla83 Says:

    @MrEleni1998 No I’m tired of little kids getting fed incorrect information and trying to spread rumors and talking crap about people who don’t deserve your false accusations. And all I get for proof is some backwards video? Please.

  11. Atolos1 Says:

    @TheBunnyface1 she is not making God,if you are stupid enough to think she is then you are not as smart as you think you are,the VIDEO clearly shows THAT SHE IS TRYING TO EMBRACE GOD AND SHE IS STRUGGLING WITH IT,By the way ok lets say God exist but PEOPLE THAT GET all high and mighty are more dangerous than a stupid song,IGNORANCE is dangerous and most religious fanatics are dangerous,and narrow minded

  12. TheBunnyface1 Says:

    @ExtraordinaryGangsta I see your real problem is religion. I get that with so much confusion and deluding of the truth. Also dis info and character assassination of good Christians because of people like Harold Camping and Westboro Church. This is to get people frustrated and mad at Christians. These are people making up their own rules. Not rules in the Bible.

  13. loenliestkiss Says:

    @VamPiRe6DeMoN66 ya it is it surprised me too lol

  14. MrEleni1998 Says:

    IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME AND THEBUNNYFACE1 THEN CLICK IT IN YOUTUBE OR GOOGLE!!!!!!LADY GAGA 666 OR LADY GAGA ILLUMINATI AND SATAN MESSAGES!!we just trying to help!!if you don’t want help then keep listen to the devil and devil’s prays.

  15. Arrmen Says:

    i just can’t understand why i addicted to her that much, regardless of the credibility of her songs

  16. Atolos1 Says:

    very true i am not an atheist lol i am christian/catholic but i do BELIEVE in science and REAL PROOF

  17. ashraf9736 Says:

    GaGa is the best…
    love GaGa very much….
    thumbs up who love she…

  18. TheBunnyface1 Says:

    @Atolos1 sure she is. if it takes mocking God to make millions, I pass. Money doesn’t make someone whole or happy. Power is overrated. I would never turn against the creator for the buck. No one should.

  19. Atolos1 Says:

    @31lancer Thanks well i was studying investigative journalism and i learned how to analyze lyrics all the way to the bottom,She is incredibly smart all of her videos are full of symbolism,people just get pissed off because her videos are too complex for the average individual who is ignorant,stupid and narrowed minded,People fear what they can not understand

  20. m7md6142y Says:


  21. ExtraordinaryGangsta Says:

    I’m glad I don’t live in USA. All these religious fanatics everywhere.

  22. Einsteinn1955 Says:

    all female singer use their body. it dosent mean art. art is made by clever. not naked.
    facebook: ali unsal dogruluk

  23. madzgedz2010 Says:

    …can get this song outa my head lol!

  24. Atolos1 Says:

    @KillaTequilla83 Amen! well what can you say religion is the opiate of the masses like Karl Marx once said
    i am not saying that God is non existant or anything ,its just that fanatism makes religion be a dangerous and scary thing

  25. TheBunnyface1 Says:

    @KillaTequilla83 you keep using that to refer to me and that’s the opposite of what i believe. Westboro Church is not the truth. I thought you were going to stop and go to bed.

  26. Britney Spears Hot Says:

    Love Britney

  27. Ultra Cat Musica Says:

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  28. Songs of the day Says:

    I love singing 🙂

  29. Flawless DJ Says:

    Time to give up DJ-ing lol

  30. FIbonacci Classical Says:

    Its time to get.. classical!