Eminem wants to see Justin Bieber in the right path

Eminem, the well known US rapper, has broadened h is serving hand to Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber, who has lately been surrounded by countless controversies. The forty one year rapper has asked Justin to stay at his home during Christmas and New Year.

An insider told that he is really expecting that he could sort Bieber out. The way he is going, he is really concerned that he is going to finish in really bad trouble. Reports suggest that Eminem wants to speak to him into going to therapy and counseling to deal with all the tension of fame in a confident way.

Some of Justin’s controversies include little battles with his neighbors, illegally making graffiti on a wall, allegedly spitting on his rooters from a hotel and sneaking out of a Brazilian brothel. Recently, it was reported that he called young woman ‘beached whale’ when he was in Australia.

The top selling albums of this year go to Eminem, Drake, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake. Timberlake made it to the top of the list with trading over 2.3 million copies of the 1st part of his 2 part The 20/20 Experience.

The list is not surprising. What surprising is given the talent of these artists, most of us wants to talk about what Miley Cyrus did at MTV Video Music Awards and all the controversies following that.


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