Eminem to perform at the Slane Castle

Owner of Slane Castle in Co Meath, Lord Henry Mountcharles decided to have his old arch-rival Eminem for the upcoming Slane Festival. The American rapper king is ready to perform at the Festival on 17th August, 2013. Sometimes back, Eminem was pulled out of the gig in 2005 because of drug addiction.

There also started a court case between Eminem and the promoter of the concert for that incident. MCD claimed that they faced a loss of millions. But now everything has been settled out and all of them are now good friends. Even Lord Henry became violent when he came to know that the Eminem was bailing.

What actually happened in 2005 is described as water under bridge. Mountcharles said on Sunday that he is very much excited to have Eminem next year and surely the event is going to be special and memorable. He added that what is special to him is that over two billion people have looked at his music videos on the internet.

Eminem’s upcoming show will surely mark the second show at the Slane venue, going to happen next summer. This is the first time when Lord Henry has finally opened his castle gates to two different and entertaining acts. Bon Jovi will give away the awards on June 15.

When Henry was asked that how people will afford two shows at the same time, Henry promised that they are keeping the ticket price for both the shows comparatively lower. Some 25, 000 tickets are already been purchased within a couple of hours for the gig.

On the other hand, Eminem is planning to release his new album next year. The rapper shared this pierce of information via website. It is also heard that Big Sean is planning to collaborate with Eminem for his new music video entitled Hall of Fame. Sean said that he will catch up with Eminem as soon as he can.


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