Eminem offers his support

Eminem, the well known US rapper, has opened up regarding his fight to get clean in a brand new documentary, ensuring suffering addicts life really gets better once they defeat their dependency demons.

The Stan star is now sober following a 4 year hell of painkiller as well as sedative abuse that led to a near fatal overdose in the year 2005, and now he has shared all his experiences in brand new film called How To Make Money Selling Drugs.

Speaking about his overdose, the rapper said that his organs were shutting down. His kidneys, liver and almost everything. He was on the verge to go on dialysis. They did not think that he would gonna make it. His bottom was gonna be death. Within just a month after leaving the hospital, he had relapsed and shot right back up to the same amount of pills that he was taking. He could still call up just walking around his house thinking every single day that he would die.

Eminem also spoke about all the challenges of kicking his bad habit. He told that coming off of everything, he literally was up twenty four hours a day for 3 weeks straight. He mean not sleeping, not even nodding off for a minute. Literally, he was just up, looking at the television.

The rapper is still recovering from the all the damages he brought down in his body, but Eminem goes on to give support to others who are suffering from addiction.


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