Eminem not coming out with new album soon, says publicist

New news surfaced regarding Eminem’s alleged album Roots. MLive reported that Eminem would not notify his fans regarding anytime soon. Dennis Dennehey, the rapper’s spokesperson, told the Michigan-based media house via e-mail, the news is not true at all. Eminem is not coming out with any album anytime soon.

Dennis has worked as the publicist of the rapper for more than ten years, so the validity of his statement must hold more power for fans who are anxious at the idea of a brand new album from rapper. At first the Hip-Hop Vibe reported that Detroit man was hatching a plan to release an album called Roots.

Without referring to any sources, the site went on to say that Eminem would make an official declaration during the forthcoming Grammys and that PlainSailing and Dr. Dre were also involved in the album.

According to reports, Eminem has not yet said anything regarding the news of his new album. Paul Rosenberg, Eminem’s manager, reportedly told that the rapper is frequently visiting the studio. Speaking to a leading website, the manager told that Eminem goes to the studio like most people go to the office. Therefore, 5 days a week, typically Monday through Friday, he would be in the studio. This is not quite nine to five — the hours tend to be quite longer — but he is there everyday.

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