Eminem is a product of white privilege, says Dr. Boyce Watkins

Dr. Boyce Watkins, the well known social commentator and political analyst, recently talked about the whole idea of rapper Eminem being the top rapper. In a recent interview, he burst into laughter as the enquiry and he also talked about the talent of the white rapper.

Boyce Watkins said that Eminem is as true of a lyricist as one would see. He is also magnificent because he honors to those who came before him. Therefore, he is not Iggy Azalea or whatever. He is a person that believes at the core of his heart he is not a wigger, but he is not a white boy. He is just who he is.

He praised Eminem’s capability and he called the rapper a product of white privilege stating that he is easily received by fans just because he is white. He said that be believes Eminem to an extent is a little bit of a product of white privilege for 2 reasons. One is that he does get a little bit of that Elvis effect. He is a white rapper. He is as good as the black rapper. People are gonna love you more because he is white.

He also spoke about Em’s great ability to cross creative boundaries, showing rap’s commercialization of rap as an added pressure to make music about a fistful of predictable and programmatic subjects. If one hears his music, he raps about everything that is in his spirit and soul. There is not sort of this very continual music that comes from him.

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