Eminem ft. Rihanna – The Monster (Official Video) [with lyrics] Legendado – HD

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25 Responses to “Eminem ft. Rihanna – The Monster (Official Video) [with lyrics] Legendado – HD”

  1. brpremieres Says:

    hey guys, check out new video with lyrics on screen + translation for pt
    Ellie Goulding #GOODNESS #GRACIOUS Official Music Video HERE:
    Ellie Goulding – Goodness Gracious (Official Video) [with lyrics] Legendado

  2. kaylee bieber Says:

    Love this song, they make such a nice duo!

  3. Celeste Riddle Says:

    i always thought she said “well thats not fair” oh well XP

  4. Blasphemy ッ Says:


  5. VampireDiariesxGer Says:

    I always thought she sang “Well, that’s not fair” xP

  6. Wiktoria Kwapis Says:

    thats nothing ? its ” not fair ” : )))

  7. Alyssa Says:


  8. Anton Huber Says:

    Geez, that push-up sucks.

  9. Szalona Nicola Says:

    amazing <3 

  10. lullu wulze Says:

    i love it!!

  11. juju d Says:

    well that’s nothing is actually well that’s not fair

  12. Sophielisa Taylor Says:


  13. Cheryl Thwaite Says:

    i love this song its in my head forever and everyone loves it to much well
    i think im crazy lol

  14. burcu başaran Says:

    it’s not “that’s nothing”,it’s “that’s not fair”!!

  15. Biirama mamy Says:

    good good

  16. Savra Von Msp Says:

    Eminem & Rihanna= Perfect !!!!!!Best song !!

  17. Rimas Prokopovicius Says:

    pause at 00:52 omg a demon

  18. Alexander Junov Says:

    eminem what the fuck is going wrong with you, to make music with this
    mainstream bitch and her autotune music -.-

  19. Amelia Kiona Says:


  20. demise Nzh Says:

    eminem is back

  21. Hüseyin Hakan Akgün Says:

    Are you kidding me Youtube? I listen the fucking Stoner Rock and you always
    show me this shit.

  22. 416mikeyJames Says:

    1:42 plus lead-up = one of the best moments in the history of music

  23. Heart Broken Says:

    to those who be hatin on eminem shut up you could do half the shit he had
    to do. and besides he helps alot of kids with his music. keep going strong
    eminem we who love your songs stand proud to be your fans :)

  24. Aya ChiCha Says:

    I like this song

  25. Stephanie Colon Rivera Says:

    Wow, amazing. She’s finally putting into words how she’s been feeling!!!
    Nice pair. People, stop looking for fun songs, and pay more attention to
    their meaning, music is a way of communicating, not just entertaining.