Ellie Goulding – Under The Sheets (Live Rising)

Movie Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Ellie Goulding – Under The Sheets (Live Rising)”

  1. 22AgentBauer369 Says:

    If i could b any musician for a pop singer or folktronica or electro pop person it would b ellie ! not for garbage like katy perry or gaga .

  2. 22AgentBauer369 Says:


  3. 22AgentBauer369 Says:


  4. cmtsai23 Says:

    can’t help repeating it again and again!!!!!

  5. AnimalisticMeasures Says:

    lol@ Ellie wiggle.

  6. symphonicrefrain Says:

    Ellie Goulding fans: help out an emerging artist!

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  7. BeffieGoulding Says:

    @bornforthis4 ellie wiggle :L

  8. bornforthis4 Says:

    i love the way she dance 🙂

  9. juanargjuan Says:

    Goose bumps.

  10. ExoWahid Says:

    @CrimsonCrow518 …. I want to see her too 🙁 too bad I won’t see her, atleast not here in the Netherlands.

  11. ExoWahid Says:

    Usually songs with this kind of lyrics are kinda slow ( the beat is slow-ish ) and Ellie’s songs have got this beautiful lyrics and is still kinda fast / techno-ish, I like that so much !

  12. CrimsonCrow518 Says:

    God, I love how well she works off the crowd. That is what makes her such a phenomenal performer. I want to see her live so bad.

  13. AnImmortalCrew Says:

    @MissMadGab Thanks :)

  14. HomecomingNick Says:

    I would go under the sheets with she … SO HOT Ellie Goulding

  15. MHWi12 Says:

    @LiliumHunter The red keyboard looks like it could be a Clavia Nord Electro…But I’m not sure

  16. MHWi12 Says:

    @LiliumHunter The red keyboard may be a Nord Electro…But I’m not sure

  17. NateBiggity Says:

    lol I love how the top two comments feel the need to mention Gaga and Bieber. Can’t you enjoy something without comparing it?

  18. sheps145 Says:

    Not sure whether to look at the minimoog or the suspender belt.

  19. thcscannibal Says:

    New unofficial remix to Ellie Gouldings Lights now up on my page be sure to check it out!!!

  20. crazyabby16 Says:

    i love ellie [:

  21. Haruchanfreak Says:

    omg. drums. what a first!

  22. byKrysten Says:

    song is fucking amazing live

  23. natehaskey Says:

    Holy shit. Stick to the fucking studio.

  24. riv30333 Says:

    <3 Ellie!!!! She rocked this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. LiliumHunter Says:

    Keyboard name????? who know???