Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Live Rising)

Online video Ranking: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Live Rising)”

  1. midierror Says:

    check out my remix of this song !

  2. liamjamestolson Says:

    2:22 DRUMS

  3. liamjamestolson Says:

    Beat them drums!

  4. chris0tine Says:

    why is ellie goulding so amazing.

  5. mickieluva1 Says:

    So hot…

  6. StefanoHope Says:

    @deel5 so true. haha

  7. rabbitboy008 Says:

    She makes a 42 year old man very happy….

  8. darckiend Says:

    I don’t understand how this is 68008 views ‘cuz I’m sure I’ve seen this video more than that…

  9. Boehm92 Says:

    0:42 .. 

  10. nishantaz Says:

    @SnipedGaMeR makes guys lesbians too

  11. celeriones Says:

    In love with her outfit.

  12. orderbyfax94 Says:

    je veux que ma femme s habille comme elle

  13. 11Brendan41 Says:

    I stopped playing Skyrim for 3:37… that’s how good this was 0.0

  14. 696957294 Says:

    i have a orgasm…. wow

  15. cwstbem09 Says:

    Haha getting drunk before a show lol

  16. yourimaginarypal Says:

    Damn, she’s like a STRIPPER! But better!

  17. deel5 Says:

    She makes gay boys turn straight again xD

  18. Vwestcoast Says:

    she is so hot.

  19. fanfanne Says:

    who’s not in love with her?! girl or guy….she’s the best thing that happened to music in a long time

  20. BIGDSINGS Says:

    it’s all about dat ass

  21. symphonicrefrain Says:

    Ellie Goulding fans: help out an emerging artist!

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  22. Legendkiller595 Says:

    could she be more amazing

  23. achaney100 Says:

    I wonder if she turns herself on haha.

  24. divagonecrazi Says:

    woow im mad ppl are hating in ellie goulding but she’s talented, cool. Confident and that;s making all u haters jealous grow up!!! Id still be buying her albums and so will others fyi she her clothes -her style, her dancing-her swag= her muthafuckin prerogative

  25. ExoWahid Says:

    Thumbs up if you are male and u like her music so much. Im just wondering how many males listen to her music, ’cause… almost nobody at my school listens to her o,O Mainly because they dont know her.