Ellie Goulding – Guns And Horses

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25 Responses to “Ellie Goulding – Guns And Horses”

  1. 1991mrc Says:

    PL f**k VEVO !!

  2. 003emily Says:

    Her hair reminds me of Chelsea from 16 & pregnant and teen mom

  3. orangepacman Says:

    have some bigbigbigbgibgibigbgibigbigbigbgibibiiiiiiiiig love for this girl atm. Seriously.<3

  4. nicholasSewing Says:

    music = my drug

    youtube = my drug´╗┐ dealer

    vevo = the cop

  5. gammyfootify Says:

    Great music – enough said

  6. MrKen226 Says:

    Like it !

  7. DevilGuitarMan Says:


  8. somekindonut Says:

    she and her band were soooo good at coachella

  9. LaLaLaSmiles Says:

    Ellie is my drug
    Youtube is a dealer
    Vevo is the police

  10. CockneyNutjob4 Says:

    I like how she’s not dressed in skimpy clothing and she’s still more beautiful than any other singer. Also her voice is that of a goddess.

  11. TehGamersGarage Says:

    I’m a dude, though. Is that supposed to be embarassing? If it is, then embarassed I shall be cause I won’t stop listening to her.

  12. lionclaw77 Says:

    Her dancing could use a lot of work but I like this song.

  13. rockstardiaries Says:

    She was awesomeee at Coachella!!!

  14. SybleStinson8106 Says:

    hmmm..superbmovie..thats webmovietube to give access to watch this full movie

  15. JasiLEGI2009 Says:

    3:38 clearly see the production team, gd song though XD #

  16. BillyShanksworth Says:

    Hot pants.

  17. fetichexxxxxxxxxxxxx Says:


  18. OhDangitsAng225 Says:

    Oh hello Ellie Goulding….love you:)

  19. r6khan Says:

    This Girl moves like an ANGEL!!!!

  20. joelitohugs101 Says:

    hahaha this sucks so much

  21. JustDreamingLife Says:

    she’s beautiful and she has an amazing voice!

  22. Msbubbles1233 Says:

    i love her voice xxxxxxx i love the song xxxxxx i love everything about this video xxxx

  23. DanzieLOL Says:

    @MaDDoGDevin Uh.. Excuse me? First off, everyone have a different music view. Some people may like Kesha and some may not. There’s nothing to rant about honestly, I understand that you do not like Kesha but calling her having a snotty voice? Ouch, thats not nice.

  24. DanzieLOL Says:

    Holy shit..This video was put on my birthday,

  25. spuzmunky1 Says:

    worst part is 3:43