Ellie Goulding – Guns And Horses (Tonka Remix)

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35 Responses to “Ellie Goulding – Guns And Horses (Tonka Remix)”

  1. ReBeLAlEx100 Says:


  2. Itakaspeed Says:

    this is a remix


    <3 ELLIE

  4. Joman82 Says:

    Horsiiiies remixed!!! AMAZING! Goulding is on a roll with me!!!

  5. raliux Says:

    She is pure awesomness!

  6. xjoshxDGK Says:

    she is just naturally gorgeous, so good.

  7. laurapiso Says:

    @matrixofdeath wales

  8. arsenal55555 Says:

    @RedBullLordy and blind

  9. Ltlegendary Says:

    Acoustic, Remixed, original, Up beat, I still love all types of versions of her songs no matter what.

  10. xjoweengibbysonx Says:

    Awesome. ;o

  11. RedBullLordy Says:

    5 People are Deaf

  12. ILikezRuin Says:

    pure nature beauty ^^
    i <'3 it

  13. justvergel Says:

    @MrThekid333 bassnectar’s remix of lights

  14. GigaFan4000 Says:

    better beat as the original

  15. Joman82 Says:

    Guns & Horsiiiiiies ‘remixXx’… I do it ALL 4 U!!!

  16. matrixofdeath Says:

    @Dylzah ^^ I know but wanted to know where exactly ? She don’t have the classic british accent ^^

  17. Dylzah Says:

    @matrixofdeath Britain….

  18. getogatocat Says:

    VIEWED <---

  19. JessWest118 Says:

    Dear Ellie Goulding Fans,
    On the 20th of June 2011 (Earlier if you can’t), we the Ellie Goulding Fans must all veiw this video and make it the most vewied video and get this video more vewis, to thank all that Ellie Goulding has done for us. We give her something she deserves & somthing that Justin Bieber doesn’t! Post this on other videos!

    Thumbs up so people can see it!
    We can do it, for Ellie Goulding!

  20. Joman82 Says:

    HorsEEEs (love her pronunciation)

  21. MrMusicFM Says:

    This is like the billionth time listening to this video. 😮

  22. ma2jh Says:

    Original is better. Still aight but the original blows it out of the water.

  23. MrThekid333 Says:

    This is the only remix I liked so far. The others kinda suck. No offense. :p

  24. GribbleGrabber Says:

    Zombie Musketeer Ballet. I love it.

  25. mussybreeze Says:

    The ghost dolls stuff… freaks me out. But she’s worth it.

  26. Chroma Says:

    Love the Chroma Music Fest

  27. Love Jazz Says:

    Henry Johnson is my inspiration

  28. Black Eye Peas Says:

    Love Will.i.am

  29. Rihanna Rocks Says:

    Have you seen the size of her legs!?

  30. Best music concerts Says:

    nothing like going to concerts

  31. Doug Aldrich Says:

    Love Doug Aldrich !

  32. Buble Music Says:

    I think I’ve heard Michael Buble sing this too?

  33. Jonas Music Says:

    Nick Jonas wins

  34. Top Band Says:

    what do I say when lightning strikes me?

  35. Dave Fritz Music Says:

    Time to see what the concerts are like methinks