Burn – Ellie Goulding (Cover by Ali Brustofski) Official Music Video

Movie Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Burn – Ellie Goulding (Cover by Ali Brustofski) Official Music Video”

  1. Ali Brustofski Says:

    +Angelika Mirek aw thank you! I love Poland :)

  2. Ali Brustofski Says:

    +tycho habekotte thank you so much! I will keep making covers for a while I
    promise :)

  3. Tina Nguyen Says:

    Ali i started watching your videos today and i am in love with your
    beautiful voice. Your so pretty and have a amazing voice. i have a a lot of
    celebrity’s that inspire me to sing and rap. Today your added to my list.
    keep on doing what u do best love u ali

  4. Fabian Larsen Says:

    Check out my Channel:)
    I’m also making Cover Songs!:)

  5. elif sude kalkan Says:

    arabada dinlediğim şarkılardan bir tanesiiiiiiii

  6. Jose Daniel Says:

    I love you I love your voice ali greetings from Venezuela you have my
    support !!

  7. Pixel Direto Says:

    Brazil love’s u! <3

  8. Miranda Watergirl Says:

    it´s so good :))) i love this cover riley :)))

  9. charlotte day Says:

    p.s love your hair x

  10. Fabian Larsen Says:

    Check out my Channel:)
    I’m also making Cover Songs!:)

  11. Vincenzo Bruno Says:

    Bellissima. I love your voice and your songs. Ciao from Italy. Kiss

  12. YouTubeSingers.com Says:

    *YTSgold* ******* *Selected Video* ♪♫❤¸¸.☆ღ
    You sound amazing,I love this
    Shared with love!
    Carla ~ YoutubeSingers

  13. Cillie Spence Says:


  14. racky ly Says:

    i love your voice and youre so pretty and you have hair just like allly on
    austin and ally and youre name is ali you should do a cover of blank space
    unless you already did, anyway i think you should do more covers!!!

  15. Atika Lakdime Says:

    OMG AMAZING!! <3

  16. hadassah piper Says:

    I love your covere

  17. Tripl3tTV Says:


  18. Alicia Tomlinson Says:

    no offence but your voice sounds weird.
    i think ur voice suits Selena

  19. Christina Fast Says:

    LOVE your outfit <3 You sang this beautifully <3

  20. Mandy Arndt Says:
  21. YOLO 1D Says:

    La pronunciacion no se nota casi nada

  22. Ali Brustofski Says:

    +Nienke Gielen I like YOU for saying that :)

  23. Kim Jacob Says:
  24. Jonathan Hernández Says:

    It is strange but your songs, I fully motivated to exercise: D! Make Me
    Happy, your sweet voice ^-^!! ¡¡ You’re the best !! Keep it up !!

  25. Puppy Love Says:

    Ali you are my favourite cover singer! Well done Ali!