Behind The Scenes: Sad for Good – Music Video [Take That PARODY]

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25 Responses to “Behind The Scenes: Sad for Good – Music Video [Take That PARODY]”

  1. Paige Latham Says:

    They..are so attractive…

  2. Willy Melon Says:

    That yellow castle is next to ikea

  3. Emma Sedgwick Says:

    Definitely am #stiffyforsmiffy

  4. Jack Bohemian Says:

    4:05 Ross gets so excited about those dogs, heart melting! 

  5. Teh BrownieMixx Says:

    I’m happy that you guys were able to bring these back, I missed watching

  6. VOLTZ1990 Says:

    Awesome Superdry Peacoat thee Ross!

  7. Issie Merry Says:

    are you shitting me??? did they really record this at ashton court???? XD

  8. Katrina B Says:

    I’m so happy that this is back, god fucking bless

  9. ShadowsVengeance Says:

    Lordie Smith w/o a beard lol. 

  10. Ellenaa random Says:

    OMG that’s at Ashton Court

  11. nghtguy13 Says:


    Makes me a bit happy. xD 

  12. PirateDion Says:

    God damn, Smithy’s directed dance moves :D. Too good. 

  13. Lyra Zinal Says:

    Look at 10:48 with subtitles!!!

  14. Ming Jay Says:

    Ross is so graceful >-<

  15. Alyson TheGhost Says:

    11:49 till the end I fucking die laughing everytime

  16. zacmagic ace Says:

    Ross is wet for us :o

  17. Beth D Says:

    Have to say…Ross looks pretty flippin buff….oomph! ;P

  18. Olivia Jenkins Says:

    6:30 #toohotfortrott

  19. olivia harvey Says:

    9:50 dat face tho

  20. HannahChica10 Says:

    i turned on the subtitles for this too and wtf XD

  21. Joey Epicness Says:

    “I’m wet for you.” -Ross 2013

  22. Matstaal Says:

    well, at least they were outside for the day

  23. CarrotTwerp Says:

    I wonder what their neighbors think when they do shit like this…

  24. masterkevkev Says:

    Who just can’t stop laughing/giggling at all the things they do? X3 – The
    backyard dancing part was the best. :3

  25. MrShadow8869 Says:

    how did you even finish the parody