Beauty Smarties Showdown – Telephone Lady Gaga Music Video Look – glamourista16

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23 Responses to “Beauty Smarties Showdown – Telephone Lady Gaga Music Video Look – glamourista16”

  1. ItsAshleyyxD Says:

    Her channel is glamourista16

  2. MyLuv4Beauty Says:

    whats her channel?

  3. xobeautyloverxox Says:

    she actually looks like Lady Gaga!!!!

  4. Maddie Lester Says:

    Oh, at first I thought it was a super hero, but then I got it. Good job! The best I can do is put on lip gloss and mascara LOL !

  5. PetunitaLove Says:

    Im just saying that everyone whos still running has a chance to win im not sayin that megan doesnt deserve to win she does as much as the next smartie i just dont lik that people r saying that this competition is fixed and that megan is going to win no matter wat because guess wat? there is a possibility that someone else may win

  6. PetunitaLove Says:

    The Hellostyllechannel cant control wat the smarties decide to put on thier channels

  7. PetunitaLove Says:

    Doesnt mean shes winning

  8. Chantellerebecca Says:

    Why would there be hate if Megan wins? She is amazing at make up, and if the money is going to go anywhere, surely charity is the best place?! STOP HATING, theres nothing to hate.

  9. lcraig99 Says:

    everyone just shut up about Megan!!!! she might win and if she does the money is for charity and she deserves it she earned popularity on YouTube for things like this for years.! every girl is beautiful and deserves to win but whoever wins wins.

  10. fshionestrellita Says:

    3:27 the boobs seperate

  11. salsaplease Says:

    lol XD

  12. 999951308 Says:

    she should have not won !! it should have been arden!!

  13. JakeTheBakedRake Says:

    oh god how did i get here.

  14. obidoso8 Says:

    this looks alot like what gaga actually had :)

  15. piggylover2008 Says:

    good point.

  16. piggylover2008 Says:

    omg petunia whatever are u stupid? bro seriously, lets have some common sense here. i mean i think its pretty obvious that everyone who commented on this chat is right and ur wrong

  17. xKLC94x Says:

    glamourista16 :)

  18. SuperKatiebug1234 Says:


  19. heyheyloljk123 Says:

    Why are all the comments about Megan (no offense towards her)? This is Caitlin’s video and he did a great job!

  20. HiccupMmanda Says:

    Come on let’s vote for Caitlin!!!!! She did way better then Arden and deserves this!! 🙂

  21. Jfelts620 Says:

    I really liked the thing you did with the crease of yr eye to make it look biggr. Great for everday

  22. divinesadness Says:

    i am 23 but i gotta tell ya. i used to do this eyeliner when i was in high school lol

  23. Stas Kara Says:

    this was good but i think you could have done better!